Suggested Changes in Law

A list of proposed laws should immediately reveal how reasonable and measured the views of those highlighting men's issues generally are. It may also serve to focus efforts, avoid pulling in different directions and soften resistance. Please feel free to respond on the contact page, these are just ideas.

  1. Remove all gendered laws.
  2. Provide equal treatment of men and women at every stage of the justice system. Judges, jury and all involved at every stage should be required to consider switching the genders in their mind (unless this is impossible) before making a judgement on the eligibility of evidence, guilt, punishment and all other matters. A reminder should be read allowed in court. 
  3. Default shared parenting on separation or divorce. 
  4. Legally entitle fathers to parental DNA tests. Whilst difficult to legislate this is a basic right. This could be the children within your marriage or household, children claimed by the mother or government to be yours etc. e.g. for child support.
  5. Outlaw involuntary circumcision and all circumcision on children, with the extremely rare exception of a significant medical defect that requires attention.  
  6. Anonymity for all accused of sex crimes until proved guilty. (Sex crimes are the most lied about crimes). 
  7. Give due process to all accused of sex crimes and carry out proper investigation. 
  8. Mandatory prosecution of false accusers when sufficient evidence comes to light to make a valid charge. 
  9. Treat domestic violence equally between the sexes. Require corroborating evidence while showing compassion for both parties. Carry out thorough investigations, allow all relevant evidence.  
  10. Restrict the definition of domestic violence to physical violence and have domestic abuse as the catch all term for controlling behaviour, financial control, verbal and mental abuse.  
  11. Stop using the word 'Victim' when it should be alleged victim or simply accuser.
  12. Remove the secrecy from family courts and release case information and statistics without names.  
  13. Outlaw preferential treatment on the basis of sex and race in all employment opportunities (apart from education, as roles models for children take precedence). Opportunities should be equal to all, not the equal outcomes of various groups. There are ways to test for bias in opportunities within companies, organisations, departments etc. and this is the right approach.  
  14. Make illegal (if it is not already) restrictions of public spaces to one sex only, or if it must be the case provide a similar space for the other sex. For instance woman only carriages on trains in Japan and family spaces in restaurants etc. that exclude single men but not single women in some Arab countries. 


Other general aims (it is possible that some of these may also require legal changes) 

Encourage more men to study law.  

Improve boys education by catering for their needs and ways of learning. 

Give boys the opportunity of daily exercise in school time.  

Increase the number of male teachers.  

Ensure more positive male roles in the media. 

Marriage vows to include giving yourself to each other so that making your spouse involuntarily celibate is breaking your vow. No legal weight given to this but a recognition of each other needs. 

Male pill or injection to be made widely available. 

Wherever a country has a “Minister or representative for women” or a department for “Women and Equalities” (which is such a flawed term) or any single sex government department, ensure there is the equivalent for men. Alternatively open up the role or department to equally represent both women and men. 

Highlight government funding imbalances regarding gender such health spending, homeless provision, domestic abuse funding and shelters etc.

Return the Boy Scouts to Boys alone, similar to Girls Guides. This could be done over a few years by simply not accepting new girls. (This may require a change in the law for boys to be allowed to have their own protected space. It may currently be that if a boy wants to join the Girl Guides due to preferring their activities, a case could be made in court that sex discrimination is keeping him out. It is wrong that there can't be one organisation for girls and one for boys and a third for both.)

Suggested Action

Listing laws one would like to see and desirable aims, is only a small part of the job, change will not happen with inaction, so below are some suggested methods.

Raise funds and recruit good lawyers with an interest in Men's Issues - Put the feelers out, (please use the contact page if you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested).

Men's and boy's organisations from the Boy Scouts to men's clubs have been forced to become inclusive now it's time for women's and girl's organisations to become inclusive. One way to try to win back male space is to sue women's and girl's organisations that refuse a man or boy who would like to join, this at least may begin the conversation which is currently lacking. At the moment there is no incentive for those who already have things the way they want them, to listen.

Also appeal to government by letters (also write newspapers etc.) Prepare a good case or find a good article to share on social media.

We need to match lawyers to men and boys with a complaint.

Ensure more positive male roles in entertainment. Ask men to turn down bad male role model roles, unless they get two positive male role model roles (they can only say no). We should ask script writers to right more male positive roles.

Domestic Violence Shelters for Men - Apart for appealing for funds for Mankind Initiative Twitter @MankindInit . It may be possible to appeal to any one who has a spare room or apartment to consider making it available to a male victim of domestic abuse and let local and national organisations be aware. These could be a 'go to' house for a day or a few days to a longer term arrangement, some may be able to provide accommodation for children to visit or stay over.

It is important to use anything that is available and freely given and perhaps money could be raised and put into a fund to cover costs and help pay a rent or give some recompense to the provider of the safe space until the person can pay their own way in a longer term set up or exit the system.