Bettina Arndt - Campaigner for better relations between the sexes, fights for justice for falsely accused - 

Mothers of Sons is a group of ordinary women whose sons have faced extraordinary ordeals in our unjust, anti-male legal systems and workplaces. MOS offers advice and support for other mothers and fights for fair treatment for all.

The Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) is the peak body supporting almost 1000 Men's Sheds and is recognised as one of Australia's largest male based community development organisations -


Canadian Centre For Equality - Equality Means Equality For Everyone -

Clary Jaxon - Social Theory Watch - 

Diana Davison - Help for the falsely accused -


Men’s Aid Ireland formerly known as Amen, is the only dedicated national service supporting men and their families experiencing Domestic Violence in Ireland. Our professional and qualified support team have years of experience in supporting men and families experiencing domestic abuse.


A watchdog for gender-balanced legislation -

ManKind Initiative - Domestic Violence Charity supporting male victims - 

Men's Advise Line - Help and support for male victims of domestic violence

Families Need Fathers – Charity - 

False Allegations Support Organisation - Clear information; practical advice; emotional support; here for anyone affected by false allegations of abuse.

Dr Elizabeth Bates - Domestic Violence -

Justice For Men and Boys - Campaigning -

The Empathy Gap -

Men and Boys Coalition -

Male Psychology Network -

Men's Sheds -

The History of Feminism Speech by Elizabeth Hobson at Cambridge University -


National Coalition For Men - (Legal Assistance for Men)

National Coalition For Men Carolinas -

Regarding Men -


Huge list of articles compiled by MenAreHuman -

Wiki for men -

Woke Father -

Shared Parenting - Women for Shared Parenting

Organisations to avoid:

Men's Action Network - their partners are Women's Aid. They are all about changing men, the assumption is that men are bad and need to change to fit the feminist narrative.


There are so many videos online dealing with issues that affect men and boys from a wide range of view points, styles and from all political leanings and all different backgrounds including a growing numbers of ex-feminists.

A few suggestions: 

Cassie Jaye - The Red Pill Movie ( a Feminist researching the Men's Rights Movement ) - 

The cycle of violent relationships - Erin Pizzey -

Great film (slightly poor quality) on domestic violence and the male victim not being believed the feminist movement had this very well received film banned you can not even buy on DVD enjoy 1h 32min -

We Believe You - 

The Rubin Report - Interview with Janice Fiamengo - 

DeAnna Lorraine - MGTOW, Marxism & Feminism: Jesse Lee Peterson INTERVIEW! Mostly about relationships between men and women -

DeAnna Lorraine - Men and Boys of America - 

Bettina Arndt - 

Karen Straughan - A huge selection of thoughtful videos - 

Sidney Watson - 

Prim Reaper - Allowing men to express their justified anger -

Computing Forever - Social commentary - 

Institutions of Higher Indoctrination - 

Circumcision movie - 

Trailer for Circumcision movie - 

Video - Men's anger - 

The War On Men - 

Corroborating Evidence not required in Canada - 

Interview shedding light on the family courts contribution to parental alienation - 

Devastating, shocking video, wonderful speech by William Collins - 

Family Courts need to change -

The Draft in USA, by Regarding Men -

The history of the Vote in the UK -

Why should BOYS AND MEN be included in a White House Gender Policy Council? It's LIFE and DEATH! -

Articles Online

Relationships and Abuse

Men and commitment - 

Violence against men no laughing matter -

Study - Dating and relationship violence victimization and perpetration among 11–16 year olds -

Men abused by women: it happens and it matters -

Women Against False Accusations -

Divorce and Domestic Violence -

A Domestic Violence Counselor speaks out "fathers and kids are often the biggest losers" -

The need for men's domestic abuse shelters -

Australia, Divorce and Domestic Violence - 

Australia, Divorce and Domestic Violence (more detailed) -

A selection of domestic violence true stories of male victims -

I'm not surprised female violence against men is on the rise -


Human Dads separate us from other apes -

Dads experience hormonal changes too -

The fatherless generation -

Reproductive Choice -

UK Family Justice Review Panel -


UK -

With Boys in Mind / Teaching to the Minds of Boys -

The University as the Woke Mission Field -

Discrimination Against Men and Boys

Challenging public incredulity on the disadvantages faced by men and boys -

Introduction to the Disadvantages faced by Men and Boys -

Five rights women have that men don't -

Sexism against men in global institutions -

A clinical guide to discussing prejudice against men -

Retirement Age -

Institutionalized Discrimination against Men in England and Wales and its Merits and Demerits - Ian Tyes - 

USA  - The law that gives the government control of men’s bodies 'The Draft' -

Microsoft debate on Diversity -

Sexual Offences and False Accusation

False Rape Accusations -

She Forced Her Daughter To Accuse Her Ex-Husband Of Sexual Assault. -

Justice and Imprisonment

Justice and imprisonment -

Justice - 

Justice and imprisonment -


Psychology's war on men -

One man's experience of filming in public -


The History of Feminism by Elizabeth Hobson, it's a long and informative read, so worth printing out and reading at your leisure - 

Feminists do not get to define feminism - 

Feminism, new and old -

Men and boys need men in social care work -


Perpetuating gender inequity through uneven reporting -

Misandry: Stop Saying “Kill All Men” -