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Bettina Arndt - Campaigner for better relations between the sexes 


Canadian Centre For Equality - Equality Means Equality For Everyone -

Clary Jaxon - Social Theory Watch - 

Diana Davison - Help for the falsely accused


A watchdog for gender-balanced legislation -

ManKind Initiative - Domestic Violence Charity supporting male victims - 

Men's Advise Line - Help and support for male victims of domestic violence

Famlies Need Fathers – Charity - 

False Allegations Support Organisation - Clear information; practical advice; emotional support; here for anyone affected by false allegations of abuse.

Dr Elizabeth Bates - Domestic Violence -

Justice For Men and Boys - Campaigning -

The Empathy Gap -

Men and Boys Coalition -

Male Psychology Network -

The History of Feminism Speech by Elizabeth Hobson at Cambridge University -


National Coalition For Men - (Legal Assistance for Men)

National Coalition For Men Carolinas -

Regarding Men -


Wiki for men -

Shared Parenting - Women for Shared Parenting



There are many videos online dealing with issues that affect men and boys from a wide range of view points, styles and from all political leanings. Some are anti-feminist such as Janice Fiamengo, her interview on the Rubin Report explains how she came to her present understanding. Many former feminist women care about the lack of rights that men and boys have, you can read about a number of them in their own words in the book "Daughters of Feminism" by David Shackleton.

Many former feminists now advocating for equal rights for men and boys have come from the left of politics. 

Alternatively DeAnna Lorraine is firmly on the right of politics and takes a very direct approach but all have a concern for the lack of rights and the weight of responsibility that men and boys have in the west and large parts of the rest of the world. 


Cassie Jaye - The Red Pill Movie ( a Feminist researching the Men's Rights Movement ) - 

Bettina Arndt -

We Believe You - 

The Rubin Report - Interview with Janice Fiamengo - 

DeAnna Lorraine - Men and Boys of America - 

Karen Straughan - A huge selection of thoughful videos - 

Sidney Watson - 

Computing Forever - Social commentary - 

Institutions of Higher Indoctrination -

Circumcision movie -

Trailer for Circumcision movie -

Video - Men's anger -

The War On Men -

Corroborating Evidence not required in Canada -

Inetrview shedding light on the family courts contribution to parental alienation -

Devastating, shocking video, wonderful speech by William Collins -

Family Courts need to change -

Articles Online

1Institutionalized Discrimination against Men in England and Wales and its Merits and Demerits - Ian Tyes -

Five rights women have that men don't -

Men and committment - 

Divorce and Domestic Violence -

A Domestic Violence Councellor speaks out "fathers and kids are often the biggest losers" -

Australia, Divorce and Domestic Violence - 

Kangaroo Courts on University Campus -

Australia, Divorce and Domestic Violence (more detailed) -

A selection of domestic violence true stories of male victims -

Human Dads separate us from other apes -

The fatherless generation -

Reproductive Choice -

Microsoft debate on Diversity -

False Rape Accusations -

Justice and imprisonment -

Justice - 

Justice and imprisonment -

Psychologys war on men -

Retirement Age -

One man's experience of filming in public -

The History of Feminism by Elizabeth Hobson, it's a long and informative read, so worth printing out and reading at your leisure - 

Feminists do not get to define feminism - 

Feminism, new and old -

Men and boys need men in social care work -

USA  - The law that gives the government control of men’s bodies 'The Draft' -