How To Help

Research, share, speak out. There is much that can be done and much that needs to be done, 

A shift in public opinion and awareness is not something that can be achieved quickly, but changing the direction of western society under feminism is urgent, so please use your influence to speak up for equality of opportunity. Another requirement is to stand your ground and call it out if someone treats you or someone you are with in a disparaging way due to being male.

Talk with friends and family where opportunities arise, get involved with speaking up on social media. Be honest, don't pretend to know everything if you are unsure and always think about the language you use as it frames the debate. The aim should be to appeal to people's sympathies and persuade people particularly listeners and readers, of your view, rather than just win a point for the sake of it. Practise makes perfect, stay calm and polite, call out people intimidating you. Make sure both you the person you are debating with share the same meanings of words like 'victim' and 'equality' if in doubt ask them what they mean by the word. You can not debate a word with two differnet meanings.

Whatever your political leanings, speak up against the discrimination and lack of opportunity that men and boys face in education, the family, relationships, dating, domestic violence, suicide, health, exclusion or bias when applying for jobs, unequal treatment in the legal system. Do this at every opportunity and create opportunities, there are so many areas that need discussion. There is an urgent need in the UK for a minister for men and boys. Someone who could create opportunities to have a debate about these matters, too often these matters are being shutdown and diverted by hostile members of parliament. 

Men spend time with your sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, talk to friends children, they get little time with men at school and in their lives generally, give them a positive impression, show you have time for them and care for them. It helps younger children, especially boys if you read to them. Boys particularly need a safe outlet for all their energy.   

If you are a granddad offer to help look after your grand children and show them your love and kindness, be yourself and they will see another set of values that will broaden their thinking. 

Women please make a space for the men in your life to talk. 

Everyone please talk and share your insights and concerns with friends and family and any who will listen.   

Make use of social media to put the case for men and boys and their issues, if you are concerned about your views affecting your career or safety, given the current crazy climate then use an alternative name.   

Be polite, honest and don't exaggerate the plight of men and boys or the lack of concern shown or the bias in society, there really is no need. Tell it straight.   

Learn all the facts you can about the issues affecting men and boys, rehearse what you will say so that you can answer difficult questions. Not may people speak up at present so you will watched carefully to see if you can make valid points and convince others, if you can you will start to convince others that men and boys have legitimate concerns if you get it wrong you will confirm them in their thinking and it will be harder next time. If you practice you will get better, you will come up against people trotting out arguments they have heard and made a thousand times so it is much harder for you, until your arguments become almost automatic. Watch Videos of people who argue and debate well. Keep calm and gently point out when people are being rude, people don't like being accused of being rude and others present will then be watching to see if the other person can avoid being rude in making their case, if they can't it looks like their case is weak.   

Find an organisation to help, ask what they need, possible help fund them, deliver leaflets, share any ideas you have with them, none of us have all the answers.   

Consider trying for a position where you could gain some influence to effect change. Teacher, politician, board of governors, advisor, contributor to a local paper the possibilities are endless.  Try and speak up at work regarding politically correct, female biased nonsence, particularly if it is making you feel unhappy and you feel safe to do so.   

Buy some of the recommended books, read them pass them on to a friend.   

LOBBY, LOBBY, LOBBY - Write letters to MPs, Govenment Departments, newspapers etc. Consider placing adverts, or organising / taking part in small scale local targeted protests, likely to gain support e.g. boy's education, family courts.  Invite influential people to a presentation or debate, let local media know and always prepare carefully.


Avoid spending your money on the products of companies whose adverts portray men and boys negatively or recruit and promote within their company using female shortlists or quotas.   

Gillette (Procter & Gamble) . When in a shop just pull forward alternative razors so that they can be seen. I never push back Gillette ones I feel that is going too far, but just pulling alternative stock forward to be seen I have no problem with.   

Lee Jeans (Same company as Wrangler)    


There are many other companies and they should all be called out.   

You can also report adverts on Facebook or Twitter or to the Advertising Standards Authority in your country, for the UK this is at   

There are companies that are starting to use male positive adverts such as Maxwell House and Egard Watches. Just keep your eyes open, act accordingly and spread the word.

If you would like to do more please consider funding those who are active on the issues men and boys face. There are a few suggestions below in the "Who To Fund" section.

Take your conscience to work 

This can be difficult within a company, an organisation, civil service, government department, Police Force, Family Court etc. particularly where there are entrenched views and even harmful and damaging guidlines that you are required to implement. If you are not in a position to risk loosing your employment please nevertheless do your best to do what you can, certainly try to avoid carrying out actions that perpetuate a bad situation or make things worse, perhaps you could try a go slow or something. Foot soldiers can be as complicit as leaders in a bad regime but only you will know the limits of your own situation and your own strengths, it's not easy so simply do your best, you can't do more.

If you are involved in the news avoid sensationally demonising men and boys, try to be balanced. It is worth remembering that feminists are a small minority, most people are more open minded even if they share some of their views but increasing numbers of people are coming to the opinion that many feminist views are harmful. So if it is profit you seek, you might do better to focus on appealing to the majority and actually help improve society at the same time by being balanced or if you want to be sensational and provocative, by offering counterbalance or alternative view.    

There is a great need for writers of novels, plays, musicals, films, music, poets, sculpture, dance and for creatives of all types to bring more balance or counterbalance to society and write more positive male roles. The arguments have been won but hearts and minds have not, just showing the evidence only wins over logical people. Feminism is a belief system, evidence will have little or no influence and people holding these beliefs effectively run our society and it's institutions so these people will either need to be replaced or converted to a new and fairer belief system. Seeing men cry does not tug at the heart strings the way that it does when women and children, it's the way we have evolved, so even though we need to try to encourage empathy for men it won't be easy. Disney Princesses are central characters but the Princes merely have a supporting role.  

There is a natural empathy for women as a group, there is not for men, feminists have always pushed and continue to push at an open door, it will be a constant and difficult task to recognise this in action and call it out. People holding feminist beliefs sit on film boards and every important watchdog and committee, feminism is pandemic. If you are a regulator or censor, please be balanced and try to avoid judging everything by how favourably women and girls portrayed while ignoring men and boys who have precious few positive role models already. If you are a male actor why not just refuse to play a villain, fool, rapist, violent husband or mean spirited character for the umpteenth time until you are given the opportunity to play positive male characters. It is not helpful to perpetuate negative images of men just for entertainment. 

Start Now

  1. Make yourself strong, equip yourself and be brave. Have you read 12 RULES FOR LIFE by Jordan B Peterson? I recommend it.
  2. Get the facts to back your arguments, read up, make notes and keep them with you, memorize as much as you can.
  3. Debate with friends, family, strangers, social media, practice and learn the counter arguments, hone your ideas, throw out bad ideas, improve.
  4. Now you are ready to get political, directly or indirectly. There are a host of ways and to do even ONE of them is more than most. The remaining points are suggestions of things you might like to try.
  • Find a service for men and boys that you can and would like to support e.g. The Mankind Initiative, Families Need Fathers etc. Perhaps your could volunteer or ask them what they need, help to promote them or even help fund them or raise money for them. Services for men and boys are shockingly under funded. There are also mens health funds, working with homeless, just have a look and see what appeals to you.
  • Campaign for a particular cause you believe in, have a look at the Areas of Concern page. Place adverts, write letters to papers, your MP, hold a debate at college or in the community, local radio, hand out leaflets. I have been sending Mankind Initiative leaflets (free on their website) to Barbers for their waiting rooms with a note asking to display them if they feel able to and sending leaflets to MPs.
  • Hold small local targeted protests, perhaps let the local papers know.
  • Try for a job in a position of influence that suits your talents.
  • Study for a career in an important field like Law.
  • Put on plays that that carry a message, make YouTube videos, Podcasts.
  • Keep up to date with others who are working to improve men and boys lives and consider reaching out.

Self Respect

For your own self respect and sanity you must defend yourself, your views, your right to have a view, your space and your right to exist as an equal human being with others. Speak up, you are not here simply to be used and abused by others. Also listen and adapt your views if you see they are wrong. Don't pretend that you know everything, every one knows that you don't.

Jordan B. Peterson / 12 Rules For Life - a great book, not just for men but for everyone.

Rule 1 / Stand up straight with your shoulders back

Rule 2 / Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping

Rule 3 / Make friends with people who want the best for you

Rule 4 / Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today

Rule 5 / Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them

Rule 6 / Set your house in prefect order before you criticize the world

Rule 7 / Persue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)

Rule 8 / Tell the truth - or, at least, don't lie

Rule 9 / Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don't

Rule 10 / Be precise in your speech

Rule 11 / Do not bother children when they are skateboarding

Rule 12 / Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street

New section

Ideas for Organisations

Open Days

Are you involved in helping men in boys overcome disadvantage in anyway or bringing light to neglected matters, perhaps your organisation provides a needed service? 

Why not invite members of government to open days to see your work, have a tea and coffee reception before the start, make a presentation, have a Q&A session and give out a fact sheet at the end perhaps with photos appealing to emotions to portraying the realities behind the facts. Leave an open invitation for people to stay on for tea, coffee, cake or biscuits and a chat at the end, personally ask them if they would like a drink and try to get a conversation going. If only a few respond keeping expanding the invitation list until you have good numbers. Plan well ahead and be nice. 

As well as highlighting problems and showing what you do, tell them what you need, how they can help, the legal changes needed. 

Perhaps give everyone who attends a copy of a relevent book, perhaps The Empathy Gap as a reference or a book of your own if you have one.

Charity Status

Would charity status be suitable for you, would it help and would you be eligible.

Rules and benefits vary by country this is an example for the UK

Provide tools

Provide tools to members and helpers such as sample letters, banners, leaflets, stickers, lists of people to contact, ideas for protests etc.

Help in your quest

Find your MP (UK only)

Alternative source post Dec 2019 election

Preparation to meet your MP (UK information)

Advise on how to prepare to meet your MP -

Organise a public demonstration

A few tips -

Attending a public demonstration


Keep calm, don't let a misquote of what you have said stand, point out how an aggressive interviewer or audience member makes you feel, be prepared, know all you can and don't bluff or overstate your claim. 

This is a difficult an interview well handled,

Tips on debating

(there are many such links you can search for).

Self protection 

It is unfortunate to have to mention this but if you come under attack from radical and hostile gender biased people, social justice warriors etc. here is a guide to their methods to help you deal with it.

Posters & Leaflets

Mankind Initiative have some posters and leaflets you can print off or order, to put up or hand out in public places aimed at men who are suffering domectic violence and their friends and family -

Banners, Slogans

Boys learn differently

Equality Under The Law 

Equality Under The Law - A Society To Be Proud Of

Same Rights for Women & Men

No Two Tier Justice 

Too Many Men In Prison 

Empathy For Men (Too)

Make Love Not Sex War 

Boys Need Love and their Dads

End Father Exclusion

Shared Parenting

Equal Justice (for Women & Men

Equality in Law

No More Sexist Shortlists

Equal Opportunity Motivates Society

Equal Time For Equal Crime

Investigate For Truth - It Matters

Innocent until proven guilty

Sex crimes need annominity until proven guilty

Build a fair society to proud of

No Circumcision - my body my choice

A Foreskin is not just a piece of skin

Leave Boys Intact

Stop Hating Men

Equal Imprisonment

Jail Less Men

End Gendered Crimes

No Gendered Crimes

Intended injustice is hate - end gendered laws

No Chivalry towards women under feminism

End Misandry in the Justice System


Domestic Violence


A Levels UK 2019 -

GCSE UK 2019 -


General Statistics -

Who to Fund

Who to Fund

There are hard working people striving against the odds for equality of opportunity and justice, if you can help any of them financially to keep going please do so. Huge amounts of public funding go to feminist organisations, often doing more harm than good. You might like to consider supporting one or more of the following. Thank you.  


Bettina Arndt - Campaigner for better relations between the sexes and the Fake Rape Crisis


Canadian Centre For Equality - Equality Means Equality For Everyone -

Clary Jaxon - Social Theory Watch - Supporting, highlighting the falsely accused -

Diana Davison - Help for the falsely accused of domestic violence and sex crimes - 


ManKind Initiative - Domestic Violence Charity supporting male victims -

Elizabeth Hobson - Gender Equality Activist -

Famlies Need Fathers – Charity -

Justice For Men and Boys - Campaigning Political Party -


National Coalition For Men (Legal assistance and campaigning -


Here is an organisation trying to highlight some of the problems and actually has some proposals and is putting a plan together, please support them if you can -

Honey Badger Radio - Making regular videos & podcasts on issues affecting men & boys -


Previous events

Messages 4 Men 3

 —  —

Central London TBC, London

Organised by "Join our annual mini-conference to celebrate international men's day. Listen to our speakers as they celebrate, inform, entertain and discuss masculinity and all the issues that men & boys face in our increasingly misandrist society.

The keynote address will be delivered by William Collins, author of the critically important book 'The Empathy Gap', recently released.

The event will be introduced by Elizabeth Hobson, hosted by Natty. "


“Supporting Male Victims of Domestic Abuse”

 —  —

Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel, Redcliffe Hill, Bristol, BS1 6SQ

Organised by Mankind Initiative

"One in every six men in Britain will suffer from domestic abuse in their lifetime whilst one in every three domestic abuse victims are male. There is a growing need to ensure men and their children receive male-victim friendly support and responses from organisations in the statutory, private and third sectors – at a local, regional and national level. This includes ensuring statutory, safeguarding and equality obligations are met.

This is the seventh national conference the charity has held. Delegates will hear from a range of survivors, professionals and academics working across the domestic abuse sector.

Three survivors will speak candidly about their experiences – what happened to them, what support they received and how they have rebuilt their lives.

Other speakers will highlight how you can help ensure male victims and their children in your local community escape. This includes setting up male-victim friendly services and public communications campaigns through to explaining the experiences and barriers these victims face.

The academics will also set out their latest research findings including new research on male victims of coercive and controlling behaviour.

This conference has places for over 100 delegates (over 100 attended the conference in Manchester last year). The conference has six CPD Points."

Who should attend

This is a conference aimed at professionals who work with domestic abuse victims/survivors or wish to, and, academics/researchers.


£55 student delegate rate £90 per delegate for (non-housing association) voluntary/third sector/private individuals and £250 for three delegates. £110 per delegate for statutory agencies, housing associations and private sector and £300 for three delegates.

Booking Form

Booking forms for the conference can be found here:

Conference Booking Form (2019)

General Enquiries

Please email

Conference sponsorship opportunities:

Please contact Mark Brooks (Chair) via email

For stands and further information:

Please contact or call 01823 334229

The charity is a supporter of the national UK Says No More Campaign:

CALL 01823 334244

Confidential helpline for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence

Weekdays 10am to 4pm