#MeToo and the "Believe the Woman" domestic violence campaigns are just the tip of a harmful feminist narrative. 

Areas of concern for men and boys well being include family courts, education, homelessness, suicide, the criminal justice system, rules of dating, false accusations, lack of reproductive rights, lack of positive role models in the media and entertainment, lack of male teachers, wrongful exclusion of fathers from their children, perverse incentives in the benefit system, no after schools clubs for boys such as Boy Scouts when there is for girls with the Girl Guides and many other matters large and small.  

There has been a lack of balance in many new laws, we need to ask WHY? It seems many issues have been taken over by a small group of influential people with no concern or even perhaps an antipathy towards men and boys. Government funded feminist organisations have made themselves the 'go to experts', they are divisive, one sided and extremely selective in their use of data. Cautionary voices are ignored and politicians seem to fear losing the larger female vote and to be either naive, manipulated, bought or blackmailed. When you look back at the vast ocean of legislation it is all pushing in one direction, this advance of female privilege shows no sign of stopping and it was surely was never meant to be fair. We desperately need a counterbalancing voice or movement, and for the wider population to wake up. 

Much has changed in the last fifty years, we now even need to beware the very use of word "victim", it is undergoing a change of meaning in law in certain cases, it is as if the law is designed to confuse and mislead. Basic rights that were once taken for granted in our society have been thrown away in order to appease feminists and female voters. Free speech, innocent until proven guilty, the right of a legal defense team to see all the evidence, allowing evidence that would clear some one to be given in court, even jury trials are under threat now in rape cases. This is because influential feminists want more prosecutions and convictions, they even persuade us to set targets but surely having targets in the justice system leads to injustice and the circumstances of the each case must be paramount. New rape laws now make normal sexual relationships rape, if a women says so at any time in the future. Men in relationships who call in to report being attacked by their female partners face suspicion but women are believed. 

These matters are serious and there is no end in sight to the demands being made, were this to carry on indefinitely it would be it a truly scary future for men and boys. However the projected course can be changed, despite fanatical partisans being well entrenched in positions of power and even if most people have come to hold similar views due to the biased reporting they hear (feminists and the views they have pushed for so long are everywhere), most people do really want a society that is to fair to all, they just need to be able to see what is actually going on and hear the truth.

I will not repeat all that has been said over the years on the subjects below but simply put an opening paragraph or two and then refer to recommended books, to certain links and to the "More Online" page. My concern is that things are getting worse rather than better so I prefer to concentrate on what can be done. Please see the page of suggested laws and please speak out and appeal again and again to friends, family and those with power and influence, it will be a long road back to sanity and a fair society. 

Introduction to the Disadvantages faced by Men and Boys -

Empathy Gap

The empathy gap is what has led to the areas of concern for men and boys in the sections below and is the reason it will be difficult to put right. There is a lack of empathy shown to men, this is true historically, now and no doubt in the future unless we constantly try to be fair to all and remain aware of our natural and unfair evolutionary bias. Survival of the species depended on the wellbeing of children, women have adapted this as a route to their own wellbeing and privilege, far beyond what is necessary for children's well being and even against it.

For a much fuller account please visit

The wonderful book "The Empathy Gap" by William Collins provides all the evidence you could possibly need with detailed statistics, clarity and insight. It can not be recommended enough.

Video by Prim Reaper - Allowing men to express their justified anger -


First some statistics:  

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) – 5 times the average.  

90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes – 32 times the average.  

85% of all children who show behaviour disorders come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average.  (Centre for Disease Control)  

80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes –14 times the average.  (Justice & Behaviour, Vol 14, p. 403-26)  

71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average.  (National Principals Association Report)

93% of the US prison population is male but 90% of these are from fatherless households.


You would think that in light of the statistics above that family courts would do everything in their power to enable children (especially boys) to live with their fathers on at least a 50% basis in a shared parenting arrangement as long as the father is willing and not proven to be a danger but the reality is very different in every aspect of law from the moment of conception to relationship breakdown and beyond. Is this what happens? No, children's interests are sacrificed to women's interest,

Governments reward single parent households by paying mothers benefits directly to them from tax payers, predominantly men. Domestic violence claims are allowed to go unchecked to exclude fathers. Sperm banks are allowed and these exclude fathers. Fathers have to pay to support children they are not allowed to see, even if they have the right in law they do not have it in practice because mothers flout the law with impunity.

There is a great article in the link below about how humans benefit compared with other apes due to having involved fathers.

Here is an excerpt: (link to full article below)

"Fathers are so critical to the survival of our children and our species that evolution has not left their suitability for the role to chance. Like mothers, fathers have been shaped by evolution to be biologically, psychologically and behaviourally primed to parent. We can no longer say that mothering is instinctive yet fathering is learned. 

The hormonal and brain changes seen in new mothers are mirrored in fathers. Irreversible reductions in testosterone and changes in oxytocin levels prepare a man to be a sensitive and responsive father, attuned to his child’s needs and primed to bond – and critically, less motivated by the search for a new mate. As a man’s testosterone drops, the reward of chemical dopamine increases; this means that he receives the most wonderful neurochemical reward of all whenever he interacts with his child. His brain structure alters in those regions critical to parenting. Within the ancient, limbic core of the brain, regions linked to affection, nurturing and threat-detection see increases in grey and white matter. Likewise enhanced by connectivity and the sheer number of neurons are the higher cognitive zones of the neocortex that promote empathy, problem solving and planning. 

But crucially, dad has not evolved to be the mirror to mum, a male mother, so to speak. Evolution hates redundancy and will not select for roles that duplicate each other if one type of individual can fulfill the role alone. Rather, dad’s role has evolved to complement mum’s. 

This is no more clear than in the neural structure of the brain itself. In her 2012 fMRI study, the Israeli psychologist Shir Atzil explored the similarities and differences in brain activity between mothers and fathers when they viewed videos of their children. She found that both parents appeared similarly wired to understand their child’s emotional and practical needs. For both parents, peaks of activity were seen in the areas of the brain linked to empathy. But beyond this, the differences between the parents were stark. 

The mother’s peaks in activity were seen in the limbic area of her brain – the ancient core linked to affection and risk-detection. The father’s peaks were in the neocortex and particularly in areas linked to planning, problem solving and social cognition. This is not to say that there was no activity in the limbic area for dad and the neocortex for mum, but the brain areas where the most activity was recorded were distinctly different, mirroring the different developmental roles that each parent has evolved to adopt. Where a child was brought up by two fathers, rather than a father and a mother, the plasticity of the human brain had ensured that, in the primary caretaking dad, both areas – mum’s and dad’s – showed high levels of activity so that his child still benefited from a fully rounded developmental environment. 

Fathers and their children have evolved to carry out a developmentally crucial behaviour with each other: rough-and-tumble play. This is a form of play that we all recognise. It is highly physical with lots of throwing up in the air, jumping about and tickling, accompanied by loud shouts and laughter. It is crucial to the father-child bond and the child’s development for two reasons: first, the exuberant and extreme nature of this behaviour allows dads to build a bond with their children quickly; it is a time-efficient way to get the hits of neurochemicals required for a robust bond, crucial in our time-deprived Western lives where it is still the case that fathers are generally not the primary carer for their children. Second, due to the reciprocal nature of the play and its inherent riskiness, it begins to teach the child about the give and take of relationships, and how to judge and handle risk appropriately; even from a very young age, fathers are teaching their children these crucial life lessons. 

And how do we know that dads and kids prefer rough-and-tumble play with each other rather than, say, having a good cuddle? Because hormonal analysis has shown that, when it comes to interacting with each other, fathers and children get their peaks in oxytocin, indicating increased reward, from playing together. The corresponding peak for mothers and babies is when they are being affectionate. So, again, evolution has primed both fathers and children to carry out this developmentally important behaviour together."

and another on the fatherless generation

During evolution men have learned to protect and favour women as a means of protecting and favouring their own children, women and men benefited from the arrangement in passing on their genes. Women then stole the right to speak for the children to further their own interests, putting themselves above the children. Women as a group wanted the power to use as they see fit, they wanted men to be powerless. Women claimed the moral high ground and have been shaming men ever since, dividing men and setting them against one another.

Feminism seeks to deprive children and dads from each other by forcing society to force men to protect women and children via taxes without the rewards of knowing that a child is in fact theirs or of having any relationship, so depriving both child and dad.

Family Court

Secret, unaccountable Family Court's are where so much harm is done to families, children, fathers and society at large, below is a video covering this.

Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts

Marraige & Law

The legal changes of the last forty years have led to a whole new movement - 'MGTOW' - Men Going Their Own Way, but it does not have to be like this with the right laws. In the meantime for many men this seems like the best option.

The book 'Making Love Great Again' is well worth a look but I think without some legal changes it is a forlorn hope. It speaks well of relationships most of us would love to have.

Perhaps for now the best advise (assuming you live somewhere that does not recognize common law marriage) might be to make / choose your own vows and say them in front of family and friends with rings if you want but without involving the state. Perhaps this could be done in church perhaps as a blessing or marriage service without signing anything legal. Just between yourselves, family, friends and God.

Articles online.

Men and commitment -

Divorce and Domestic Violence -

Divorce and Suicide -

Joint Custody Law tried in Kentucky with great results-

Recommended book 

Making Love Great Again - DeAnna Lorraine

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence some statistics -

Artlicles online:

Philip Davies on the Domestic Violence bill in the House of Commons -

Divorce and Domestic Violence -

Domestic Violence Against Men is No Laughing Matter -

There are hundreds of women's shelters and almost none for men. That is a problem -

Australia, Divorce and Domestic Violence -

Australia, Divorce and Domestic Violence (more detailed) -

A Domestic Violence Councellor speaks out "fathers and kids are often the biggest losers" -

A video example of what has been going on for a long time and is still going on as feminist keep on and on piling pressure on MPs (I was going to harassing) for more and more. 

From - Home Office (British Crime Survey, 2007/8 + 2008/9)

Home Office Statistical Bulletin, “Homicides, Firearm Offences and Intimate Violence 2008/09: Supplementary Volume 2 to Crime in England and Wales 2008/09  (Third Edition)”, Table 3.07, from which… 

Category of abuse Heterosexual
Male Victims
Gay Victims Heterosexual
Women Victims
Lesbian Victims
All domestic abuse 4.1% 8.9% 5.9% 17.3%
Non-sexual partner abuse 3.3% 6.2% 4.3% 12.4%
Non-sexual family abuse 1.5% 3.3% 2.2% 8.5%
Sexual assault or attempts 0.3% 4.2% 2.6% 8.7%
Number of respondents 20,892 512 24,795 473

New Survey - If you are a male victim of Domestic Abuse please consider completing the survey,

not enough information is available concerning men who have been abused.

Please follow the link

Confidential Helplines for men

England & Wales - Mankind Initiative - - 01823 334244

Northern Ireland - Men's Advisory Project MAP - - BELFAST. (028) 9024 1929 FOYLE. (028) 7116 0001 E. INFO@MAPNI.CO.UK

Scotland - Abused Men In Scotland AMIS - - 0808 800 0024 (9-4, Mon-Fri)

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is not just something parents do to their children, although that is a huge concern, the family court system is the biggest offender and the harm they actively and passively do to children is immeasurable.

Moving video, the western world, not just Australia needs this. Hanson brought to tears speaking about family law inquiry

Video interview shedding light on family courts -

Parential Alienation talk -

New NGO to document family courts and parental alienation worldwide -

Reproductive Choice


A man's right to choose

Is it fair that women have reproductive rights while men have reproductive responsibilities? By Cathy Young 

An excerpt from the above article is below : Full article here :

"As usual, though, these discussions completely ignored one group of people who still have no legal voice in decisions about having -- or not having -- children. 

They're called men.

It is widely assumed by activists on both sides of the debate that legal abortion puts women on equal footing with men, giving them the same freedom to enjoy sex without consequences. Actually, when sex results in conception, the man and the woman find themselves on very unequal footing. 

If she does not want to be a mother, a woman can end the pregnancy, with or without her partner's knowledge. (It's hard to tell how RU-486 will affect a woman's ability to exclude the man from her decision; a drug-induced abortion at home may be more private and less invasive than surgery at a clinic, but it's not easy to hide from an intimate partner.)

 If she wants to carry her baby to term, a woman can force the father to pay child support -- so, as lawyer Melanie McCulley points out in a 1998 article in the Journal of Law and Policy, he "does not have the luxury, after the fact of conception, to decide that he is not ready for fatherhood." A woman also can have a baby and not tell the father, making a unilateral decision to give the child up for adoption or raise it on her own.

To some extent, this inequality stems from the obvious fact that a woman's body is the vessel for gestation and the vehicle for birth. Once upon a time, biology colluded with cultural and legal male privilege to ensure that women generally paid the price for illicit sex. Scientific progress and the advancement of women changed that. Even as reliable contraception and legal abortion allowed women to control their reproductive fates, their ability to hold absentee fathers financially liable for their children was enhanced by new methods of establishing paternity enforced by friendlier courts. 

"In the old days, a woman's biology was a woman's destiny," writes Warren Farrell, author and men's issues advocate, in the forthcoming book "Father and Child Reunion" (to be published in January). "Today, a woman's biology is a man's destiny."

The rhetoric of pro-choice advocates rarely mentions men at all, except to celebrate women's freedom from male control over their reproductive lives. Anti-abortion rhetoric occasionally refers to bereaved fathers of aborted fetuses but more often invokes evil males for whom legal abortion makes it easy to seduce and abandon women, and who may even coerce women into having abortions.

Many men, and some women, see a very different situation -- one in which women have rights and choices while men have responsibilities and are expected to support any choice a woman makes. "If she wants an abortion, he's supposed to shut down all of his emotional bonding to the child," says Fred Hayward, founder of the Sacramento, Calif., group Men's Rights Inc. "Then, if she changes her mind and decides to have the baby, he's supposed to turn it all back on and be a father." 


There is a detailed wide ranging analysis of circumcision in the book The Empathy Gap by William Collins and a very well researched and produced movie

Short Trailer for the Movie -

Also check out -

The cruelty of circumcision -

A very good wide ranging article covering many aspects related to circumcision -

The Central Union for Child Welfare, Finland, gave the following opinion in 2003

'Circumcision of boys that violates the personal integrity of the boys is not acceptable unless it is done for medical reasons to treat an illness. The basis for the measures of a society must be an unconditional respect for the bodily integrity of an under-aged person. Circumcision intervenes in the sexual integrity of a male child causing a permanent change in organs and has consequences pertaining to both health and quality of life. The circumcision of girls is rightly considered a inhuman mutilation of the genitals and is punished abuse. Also boys must be guaranteed a similar protection by law. According to the opinion of the Central Union for Child Welfare in Finland nobody has the right, on behalf of the child, to consent to the operation, violating the bodily integrity of the child, if it not done to treat an illness.'  Taken from The Empathy Gap.


If you have not read “The War Against Boys” by Christina Hoff Summers I highly recommend it, it is astonishing how the education system in western society has been skewed towards girl's ways of learning and it is astonishing to me how some feminists (particularly in the USA) fight to keep it that way in view of the harm it does to boys involvement and learning. 

In the UK some steps are being made to take into account the different ways that boys learn but there is a long way to go and for some people simply recognizing that there are different ways that boys and girls learn is provocative, even though it was recognition of this that lead to many changes away from old ways of learning, in the first place in order to help girls learn at school.

Just take a look at the important information below, from the website of the Men and Boys Coalition which is well worth a look.

62,000 fewer boys/men go to university every year than girls/women 

By the age of 16, girls are over 20% more likely to achieve five GCSEs including English and Maths at Grade C or better 

In 2015, in England 52.5% of boys achieved 5 A*- C GCSEs including English and Maths in comparison to 61.8% of girls 

In England 26.2% of teachers are male, 15.2% of primary school teachers are male as are 37.6% of secondary school teachers. 

8.5% of teaching assistants and 18% of support staff are male. Overall, 19.9% of all school staff are male 

Boys are around three times more likely to receive a permanent or fixed period exclusion than girls 

Fewer men than women are becoming teachers, GP’s, dentists, vets and lawyers every year. Female GP trainees outnumber their male counterparts by more than 2:1 across the UK and women are now in the majority for all age groups under 50 in the general practice workforce 

In 2015/16, 28,000 fewer men/boys started apprenticeships than girls/women 

The Department for Education does not fund any initiatives that just focus on addressing boys’ underachievement

The section on education in The Emapthy Gap by William Collins is excellent and thorough, well worth reading


Teacher stereotyping means higher marks for girls, says OECD By William Stewart



Another viewpoint, Are women destroying acedemia, probably:

 "Enter Hungary. In an effort to restore curricular and administrative sanity to university education, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz Party have passed legislation to abolish Gender Studies as an area of official study." -

Bias in university appointments (This one from Sweden):

New Swedish study: merits of recently appointed female professors massively overvalued

Here is an organisation trying to highlight some of the problems and actually has some proposals and is putting a plan together, please support them if you can -

America's Title IX on campus, New Regulations protect the innocent -

Kangaroo Courts on University Campus -

A little good news but a long way to go -


Career and job opportunities

To summarize and to generalize, men try harder and we penalize them for it, whether it's composers and conductors or a 9-5 job / career.

Articles online:

Microsoft debate on Diversity -

Current Career Opportunities

Male  Psychology -

Sexual Offences

How many rape allegations are false?

Rape, sexual assult, false allegation and celebrities -

"Of the 45 celebrity cases listed above, 12 men were mostly likely guilty, 29 men were almost certainly innocent, and in 4 cases the matter is not clear. 

Of the 25 politicians I reviewed in Part 3 I judge 4 were guilty and 21 not guilty. 

Combining politicians and celebrities this suggests 50 innocent men out of 70 accused, a false allegation rate of a staggering 71%."

How many rape allegations are false? -

Article - Two drunk people having sex - students have to file sexual misconduct complaints to avoid becoming the accused. -

Advise on how to reduce the chance of being falsely accused -

False accusation reasons from The Myth of Male Power – Warren Farrell

Motivations given by the women who acknowledged they had made false accusations of rape.

Spite or revenge 20%

To compensate for feelings of guilt or shame 20%.

Thought she might be pregnant 15%

To conceal an affair 12%

To test husbands love 9%

Mental / emotional disorder 9%

To avoid personal responsibility 4%

Failure to pay or extortion 4%

Thought she might have caught VD 3%

Other 6%

Dr McDowell found that most fake accusations are 'instrumental' – they serve a purpose.

'To my considerable chagrin, we found that at least 60% of all rape allegations were false'. Dr Charles P Mcdowell, Supervisory Special Agent, US Air Force, Office of Special Investigations.

Recommended books: The Empathy Gap by William Collins and The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell


To quote from the book Red Pill Psychology by Peter Wright and Paul Elam. 

"Years back, in another life, I presented at seminars and conferences that provided continuing education units for professional re-certification. In one particular module, I used a portable grease board in front of my waiting audience. Without introducing myself or saying anything else, I wrote the words "Men are..." at the top of the board and then silently invited the audience to finish the sentence. 

Almost invariably, "pigs" or "dogs" was the first offering, accompanied by a room full of good-natured chuckles. I would nod my head and write it down on the board and return to the audience, still silent, for more. 

"Controlling," says one. "Afraid of commitment," says another. Aggressive." "Macho" "Afraid of intimacy" "Sexist," and "Power hungry." More of the pejoratives, and almost only pejoratives, would come from the audience till the board was full. 

I then flipped the board to the other side. "Women are..." was the cue, and the answers were even more rapid fire than they were with men. "Strong." "Capable" "Empowered" "Sensitive." "Nurturing," and the like would fly from the audience to the grease board like a barrage of arrows, till that side too was full. 

"What do you imagine, " I would ask, taking a strategic pause for a sip of water, "that these answers tell us about the real nature of sexism in the way we view men and women?" 

Asking them a question with actual spoken words must have thrown them for a loop, because the stock response to that question was almost invariably a room full of nonplussed, cognitively dissonant faces. And the confusion usually gave way to irritation, clearly at me, though every answer on both sides of that board had come from them. And by the way, the participants in the crowd? They weren't accountants or nurse or teachers or financial advisors. 

They were mental health professionals. 

They were counselors, psychotherapists, social workers and the like; the very people we love to imagine possess the objectivity to rise above the mindset of bigotry and sexism. And the people, despite our want of faith in their work, least likely to actually do it. 

Online articles:

Psychology's war on men -


Birmingham Mail - 12th April 2019. “A judge told a banned drink-driver who smashed into three other vehicles that she would have been jailed if she were a man. Judge Sarah Buckingham said "alcoholic" Victoria Parry would have been "straight down the stairs" to prison had her sex been different.” 

The Gender Justice Gap is HUGE and highlights the human empathy gap, an evolutionary and social bi product of a basic survival instinct of out species. Men are more expendable then women when it comes down to human reproduction certainly, but is this how we are to judge the value of a human being in a modern society and particularly when the world is already over populated, if you believe it is over populated.

Practically speaking on a sinking ship we should favour women and female children with a lesser number of male children and men as protectors and future protectors but only favour women up to the menopause for then men of all ages should be favoured over older women because they can still father children. In other words older women should be the last to be saved. Is this the case? No it is not, so why is that? Could it be because men love women and girls as a group as well as individually but women love men and boys individually but not as a group, perhaps as a group women view men as a utility. Perhaps this comes from the fact that most children are predominantly raised by women, particularly in their early years.

For more reading try The Empathy Gap, simply full of information and stats to back it up -

Perhaps the empathy gap is what is playing out, in the criminal justice system, you might like to look for further information on gender in the criminal justice system at the following:

Video - Corroboration Evidence not required Canada -

The double standards still go on in this recent link, surely if can help stop women re-offending this way we can also do the same for men and fathers -


We have laws against undesirable human traits such as fraud, murder, theft, kidnap, blackmail, causing bodily harm etc. and have begun as a society working on discrimination, favouritism in job opportunities on the basis of race, sex, gender etc. now it time to move forward again and legislate to protect against gynocentrism, our inbuilt instinct to rush to assume female victimhood and male perpetrator status, or to assume that women should be helped and men should be able to cope, we need to move forward and to legally protect against this lack of empathy for men. 

We should ask legislators, judges, jurors etc. to switch sex, gender and race in their minds before pronouncing judgements, deciding punishments and making decisions in general.



The elephant in the equality room, what is preventing equality? - Feminism

How can a word about one sex be about equality? It can't and it isn't.

Articles online:

The History of Feminism by Elizabeth Hobson, it's a long and informative read, so worth printing out and reading at your leisure -


Ex-Feminist Interview, great interview that gets better all the way through, it shines a bright, true light on feminism.

Another video

Great content regarding feminism and anti-feminism, sound quality not great but worth the effort -

Most of the unjust laws discriminating against and boys are actively campaigned for by feminists, they seek direct power and advisory power through women's organisations and governments administration. They have been brought about by deceiving the general population and politicians with less of a grip on gender politics and who can not recognize false and misleading statistics and sob stories as examples. These false, partial and distorted statistics predominantly fostered by the left of politics.


The Counter Feminist Essays - This is an easy to read, well written, very long (but then it is a book), informative and astute piece of work on feminism, worth downloading and reading at leisure


Denmark Begs Men to Have Sex with its Feminists



Who can you vote for to help with men's and boy's issues and who to avoid?



OPINION - UK’s anti-male Labour Party -