Equal opportunity is about people having a fair chance at being who they want to be and society not holding anyone back.

Lets not pigeon hole people by group identity and then hold some groups back, although there are natural differences between men and women there are many overlaps, so let's not prescribe, let's not rein in peoples individual likes and talents, let people go where their personality leads them as long as it does not hurt others. What a rich and exciting world we could live in. Lets have equal opportunity for people to be who they want to be and not worry about equal group outcomes.

Often when equality is discussed we look at the top of society to see who has the most power or earns the most money, for example the people on the boards of top companies and those at the top in politics, entertainment etc. but this is to look at a tiny proportion of the population and does not reflect most peoples lives.

Equality of opportunity should cover all aspects of society: The Criminal Justice System. Relationships, dating, the legal minefield. Reproductive Rights. Family Courts and Domestic Violence. Education. After School Clubs and Organisations. Role Models - educational, mothers, fathers, family, society and entertainment. Being Valued and Self Esteem. Employment. Health Care. Homelessness. Suicide. Societies Empathy. Forced Involuntary circumcision of male infants.

Equality of opportunity is motivational and important for a fair society whereas a policy of equal outcomes is inevitably unfair and sidelines whole groups of people. Everyone should be free to choose a career and receive a fair and equal chance of getting that job and progressing in it, regardless of whether it is a field that is currently dominated by women or by men and decisions should be solely based on merit, your ability and effort. Apart from education where we need to consider the opportunities of pupils / students, there should be no job quotas but a 'secret shopper' policy should be adopted to detect bias. 

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Who had the best life, the miners or the women above ground who spent the money they brought home?

Who had the best life, the miners or the women above ground who spent the money they brought home?