Equal opportunity is about people having a fair chance at being who they want to be in life and society not holding anyone back. Most people just want to live in a fair society that gives everyone a chance, but just look at where we are now and where we are heading. Video below by Brittany Pettibone.

We have quotas for everything that women want to be wherever they are a minority but not the other way around for men, we should have neither, these are immutable identity groups, we should instead refuse to prescribe quotas and special treatment,  What a rich and exciting world we could live in with equal opportunity for people to be who they want to be and not worry about equal group outcomes. There should be no job quotas but a 'secret shopper' policy should be adopted to detect bias. So what if more people form one group end up in some positions and more from another identity group end up in other positions, it only matters if there is bias and unequal opportunity an investigative approach including a 'secret shoppers' could deal with this.

Currently society says it's OK to hate some people but not others based on immutable identity groups, this is immoral. HATE LAWS NEED TO GO, it's not OK to hate some people and not others based on an identity they can do nothing about. This is a feminist / Marxist influence and it needs to go.

Often when equality is discussed we look at the top of society to see who has the most power or earns the most money, for example the people on the boards of top companies and those at the top in politics, entertainment etc. but this is to look at a tiny proportion of the population and does not reflect most peoples lives.

Equality of opportunity should cover all aspects of society: The Criminal Justice System. Relationships, dating, the legal minefield. Reproductive Rights. Family Courts and Domestic Violence. Education. After School Clubs and Organisations. Role Models - educational, mothers, fathers, family, society and entertainment. Being Valued and Self Esteem. Employment. Health Care. Homelessness. Suicide. Societies Empathy. Forced Involuntary circumcision of male infants.

Equality of opportunity is motivational and important for a fair society whereas a policy of equal outcomes is inevitably unfair and sidelines whole groups of people. Everyone should be free to choose a career and receive a fair and equal chance of getting that job and progressing in it, regardless of whether it is a field that is currently dominated by women or by men and decisions should be solely based on merit, your ability and effort. Apart from education where we need to consider the opportunities of pupils / students.

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Who had the best life, the miners or the women above ground who spent the money they brought home?

Who had the best life, the miners or the women above ground who spent the money they brought home?

Feminists and their organisations like Women's Aid and Refuge have such a powerful hold on society and control public debate so tightly that it is hard to see how things can ever improve, so challenge them with facts whenever you can, put the spot light on their bias. Organisations like Mankind Initiative need to be heard for the sake of balance and fairness but do not get a look in with the UK government, they have no chance to contribute despite offering, Parliament receives a one sided picture as they are brow beaten by the feminist organisation that they (we) fund.

Feminists successfully continue to deny fathers their children and children their fathers despite the huge benefits fathers bring to children, they change the language we use, they create new words, they fail to prosecute false accusers, they shut down debate by shaming and apparently being hurt and upset by simply hearing a different viewpoint. They secure unfair legal changes and laws that ensure different treatment for men and women by design not just by court sympathies and practices. They push women, by using quotas, into the few top positions in society women don't already dominate, ignoring all the many areas where they already do dominate while deliberately leaving the undesirable jobs to men and then actually highlighting the pay issue of these jobs that they don't want.

There is overwhelming evidence that the education system is deliberately biased against boys (see the chapter on education in The Empathy Gap) in it's teaching practices, assessment methods, the tailoring of courses to better suit girls and the turning of the education into an indoctrination system where boys are trained to see themselves as a problem and girls are automatically good. This has been going on for so long unchecked that it is plain that the education system is not merely blind to male issues, it could not be that blind, their eyes are wide open, the truth is they are achieving their goals of female privilege and superior outcomes. When boys were widely out performing girls measure were taken, more emphasis was given to continuous teacher assessment, less on exams, changes to the books and material were made to incentivize girls and disincentivize boys, well it certainly worked. Now we need to redress the balance but suddenly no one cares. Boys learn that society does not care about them and they may as well learn it early because it will last their whole lives. Only people in their small circle of friends and family will care, society will exploit, condemn and demand servitude.  

The newly indoctrinated young people from college and university of the last 40 years, are shaping society. The politically active among them win huge and continued financial support from government by using a victim narrative. They use this victim strategy to win sympathy and help for girls and women, and cast men and boys as perpetrators. They illicit punishment for and extract finance and privilege for these so called "victims" (who are really the privileged). They appear to be acting kindly but their actions are extremely cruel, this cruelness is only towards a class they have no regard for.      

Equality used to mean equality but now we ask whose equality, we have women's equality departments, women's equality schemes, a 'Women and Equalities' government minister and so on. Perhaps some people go along with it to avoid becoming a target of hate and being hounded out of their career or worse, but the brave men and women must speak out and trust that others join them.      

Politicians, news media, entertainment industry and other companies should not be afraid of a small number of extremists with disproportionate power and speak directly to the majority of sensible people who just need to be shown the true and full picture to appreciate the injustice and the harm being done. The brave will win votes as they begin to heal society, don't believe that because there are more women voters you have to have feminist policies to win votes, most women also believe in a fair society.  

We also know that some feminists will launch into character assassination on individuals, particularly men, who stand against them and stand up for what they believe in. However those who do stand up will find support, people are becoming fed up with the viscous, vocal minority that are destroying families, society and the well being and happiness of men, women and children.